At Le Cache Salon & Spa, we would like to offer services that are new and exciting on top of our more familiar services. This Dominican Beauty Salon can provide botox for the hair to rejuvenate the body on your head, as well as waxing, nail salon services and hair extensions.

We would be honored to provide and fulfill your beauty needs.

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Looking for a local Hair salon that know what exceptional costumer Service means?

-Since It’s establishment in 1998 Le Cache Salon has provided New Jersey with Great Beauty Products and Service, with  Great Prices GUARANTEED.

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Le Cache Salon. A New Modern Hair Salon. Discover New Hairstyle Trends.

The way a woman’s hair looks tells a lot about her style, preferences, her occupation and just general details about that person. Hair trends 2020 will help to make the best impression on anyone.

The all accepted standard that curly hair should be straightened in order for a woman to look decent is long gone. In 2020 fashion trends curly hair are only appreciated.

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Le Cache Salon has partnered up with Glam Seamless Hair Extensions!

We offer all their extensions, come in and place your order.

Le Cache Spa Beautifying Services.

Yes its lovely to lounge around in a robe for hours drinking herbal tea before being slathered in masks and massaged. We have an assortment of beauty treatments for  you to partake in.: Waxing  Service, Facial Treatments,  Massages, Glamour Make up, Mani & Pedi, Coloring  Services, and many more. Come on in and take a look at our beauty menu.

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A well tuned and relaxed body doesn't happen by chance. It happens by appointment.

You Don't Need a man, YOU Need a LeCache Manicure.

Whether you’re looking to transform your nails with the latest nail-art designs, get fabulous feet for sandal weather, or rid your hands of a pesky hangnail, look no further than LeCache.